Are you an IT student or a Tech Enthusiast?

Would you like to know what happens behind the scenes of the largest event in the field of digital technologies? Become a volunteer at World Digital Weeks 2021! Volunteers play an integral role in supporting our events and we look forward to welcoming you as part of our team in WDW’s 2021.

As an WDW’s 2021 volunteer, you will be at the very center of this exciting event interacting closely with researchers, and practitioners from various industries, you will attend the tech sessions delivered by the best speakers and meet other colleagues from around the world.

A series of upskilling programs and training sessions will be offered to you and an information kit will be provided regarding specific duties and benefits.

1. Who are we looking for?

Volunteers are core members of the WDW’s 2021 and strongly influence the success of the event.

If you have the time and you are committed and hardworking, then you are exactly what we are looking for.

2. The criteria for Volunteers selection are the following:

  • You must be at least 18 years old;
  • Be enthusiastic & intelligent;
  • Speak fluent English;
  • Be reliable, punctual & organized;
  • Have experience & strong interest in digital technologies.

3. Volunteer Requirements


WDW’s 2021 Volunteers are required to:

  • Be available during the organization of the event;
  • Have a valid email address;
  • Be responsible for working with The Volunteer Manager to create your own schedule;
  • Acknowledge and adhere to the Volunteer Policies and Guidelines.

4. Volunteer Roles

Before applying, please click the plus signs next to each available volunteer role below for descriptions:

  • Speakers Coordinator
  • Sponsors Coordinator
  • Info Partners Coordinator
  • Digital Marketing

5. Benefits of Volunteering at WDW’s 2021.
Why Should You Volunteer?

  • UpSkill
Event Management is a complex process and many different aspects have to be managed for everything to be running smoothly. Conferences develop your career, your skills, your thought-processes and expose you to new elements of your industry.
  • Meet and Network
Meet and network with researchers, practitioners, industry representatives and colleagues involved in WDW’s 2021 from all over the world.
  • Your personal and professional growth
By taking advantage of this great opportunity you can develop personally and professionally. Certificates of attendance will be given to volunteers for participating in the training sessions and upskilling programs.
  • Add to your CV
Volunteering always stands out with the CV. Especially if it’s in an industry that you would like more experience and to work in. Make your CV stand out by putting WDW’s 2021 on it.Certificate of attendance for volunteers will be given after completion of your volunteer tasks.
  • Networking
How often are you in a room with 1,000 individuals  that share similar interests, passions, challenges as you? Networking unlocks so many opportunities. Whether it’s meeting the people you chat to on LinkedIn, making new friends, meeting an expert, or even a new potential job opportunity. The more you network the better!
  • Attending Sessions
Volunteering is a two-way exchange. You put time into volunteering; in return, you can attend your favorite sessions! View the program to decide which talks you want to attend. and more… … The warm and fuzzy feeling you will know you helped a great organization … A chance to meet and network with amazing people Being a volunteer is also a chance to receive an internship, and then join our team. Upon confirmation of volunteers, a volunteer training manual will be provided to each individual. The volunteer manual outlines all responsibilities associated with the assigned roles. We will also conduct distance training sessions to ensure all volunteers are confident and their important role in the success of the World Digital Weeks 2021.

6. Who will be my points of contact as a volunteer?

Any questions or concerns can be shared with Maria by email – info(@)digital4.foundation

7. How to apply?

Call for Volunteers is now open! Apply online!