Media Partner

Media Partner Opportunities

We are on the lookout for media companies, membership organizations and educational institutions that are interested in partnering with World Digital Weeks  to promote global marketing awareness in general and generate ‘buzz’ for all parties involved. As a Media Partner would we seek your assistance with outreach and PR activities. In return, we offer exposure through our global network online and at the event, as well as offering a special registration rate for your members, readers and/or subscribers.

What are the benefits of becoming a Media Partner?

  • Gain direct exposure of your brand to senior industry executives and major sector players within various industries as well as high numbers of visitors and delegates
  • Increased brand awareness by inclusion in pre, during and post-conference marketing efforts
  • Enhance the profile of your brand by association with our prestigious Conferences
  • Get access exclusive to our high-quality press conferences with complimentary press passes
  • Benefit from having your logo promoted on key World Digital Weeks  2021 materials and on event website
  • Generate quality content for editorials at our conferences
  • Secure the opportunity to distribute your publications at the events (part of World Digital Weeks 2021)
  • Payless to enter World Digital Weeks 2021 discounts and offers for your members

Services provided European Digital Week

Services media partner

The granting of the status “Information partner.” Banner placement on event website, media partner (for a period of not less than 3 weeks with the possibility of posting time).
Logo media partner on the event website with a link to the website. Placement of announcements of the event in the news, a media partner (update at least 1 time in 2 weeks).
Free participation in the event, 2 representative of the media partner. Sending the event announcement to subscribers of media partner (at least 3 mailings).