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We would like to introduce you our partners from Digital4 Bulgaria who became our affiliate partners in 2016.  The aim they started with was to create a society of people interested in the digital transformation, the penetration and use of digital technologies in the everyday life of people and businesses in Bulgaria.  This goes further to the development of businesses through digital marketing and improved online presence.  These are well known processes and trends, which are expected to become even more important and play crucial part in our personal and professional lives. It all started when we organized the first local forum in the city of Plovdiv – Bulgaria`s 2nd biggest city and rapidly growing business.  This shy start took place in the frame of two days under the name “Digital4 Plovdiv – online marketing and ecommerce”.  With little over 50 participants and 8 speakers we considered this more than promising event and foresaw the potential and future interest in it.


The 2nd annual edition of the forum under the same name did not fall short of the promised potential given 12 months earlier.  The event took place in in 3 streams each in separate conference hall, large expo area and networking corners for the comfort of over 250 participants from all over the country. Among the speakers and panelists, we had the pleasure to welcome international experts and foreign guests from global market leaders like Google, Microsoft and others.  

The opening welcome address to all guests and participants was delivered by the Mayor of Plovdiv himself and the evening a cocktail reception gathered in more relaxed environment most of the participants and the official guests of the forum.


In 2018 decision was made to expand the Digital4Plovdiv brand to series of topical events under the same name and the final and major one for the year was once again the already well established “Digital4Plovdiv – online marketing and ecommerce”.  Some of the new events were about international trade, hotel marketing, B2B event, neuromarketing and others topics.  All were attended by different type and amount of people and experts in the given fields, but at once again the big annual Digital4Plovdiv forum gathered several hundred delegates from all over the country.  It is important to note that our partner is one of the biggest and leading digital agencies in Bulgaria and among the pioneers in the county in the development of this industry.

In 2018, we gathered over 1200 people at our events.


In 2019 we welcomed the first local partner of the project who expressed his strong believe in the concept and interest in organizing the event in his region and city.  That`s how we added Digital4 Varna to the calendar of Digitial4 Series Bulgaria.  A wonderful and very successful two-day event by the sea with 250 participants and major focus to the subjects of “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” and “Content marketing”.   Opening keynote address was delivered by the CEO of Digitial4 Bulgaria and the local representative and director for Varna.  It ended again with very pleasant networking evening cocktail near the sea.

Also, the same year was created the first free for distribution magazine “Digital Technology Special Edition 2019” featuring lot of interviews and articles about Bulgarian technology companies and experts.

In this year we added another major event and expanded the calendar with the big expo show and that turned into the first Bulgarian Digital Week.  One whole week with 13 major events in the digital technology industries, large expo zone and over 250 speakers in the conference programs. 

This took place as part of the largest for Bulgaria Plovdiv Trade Fair gathering up to 45 000 participants and visitors every year.  This first Bulgarian Digital Week presented some of the following topics for a very first time in Bulgaria: Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Video marketing, Social Networks, Digital HR, Fintech, Smart Cities etc. 

The organizers of Bulgarian Digital Week (Digital4) received a award for “Innovative Partnership of the Digital Technology Week” At the annual awarding of gold medals for innovation and technology in Bulgarial


The thirteen conferences were free, with the option to reserve a VIP seat in the front rows. The event was a success and was presented by the European Commissioner for Digitalisation of Europe, Ms. Maria Gabriel, who saw great potential in the project and gave us her support.

In 2019 the next edition of the major annual “Digital4 Plovdiv – The Annual Online Marketing and eCommerce Forum in Bulgaria” positions the event as the biggest in Bulgaria with over 550 participants.  The program welcomed many of the most recognized and demanded experts in the digital sector from Bulgaria, but also many foreign ones too. 

On the first evening between both conference days, we gave start to one more initiative of the Digital4 Foundation – “Digital Stars” – a contest for best young digital marketing professionals in Bulgaria. 

At a networking cocktail, 6 young specialists were awarded. The event was completely free and hosted by our representative office.
The goal of Digital Stars is to promote the palette of career opportunities that the digital sphere offers to young people in our country. To present the different types of specialists and to show the achievements of young talents in the sector from all over Bulgaria. Digital marketing specialists aged 18-35 in 10 competition categories can take part in the competition. A specialized jury, which includes some of the most experienced and proven specialists in Bulgaria, evaluates all candidates and selects the best of them.

Almost all regional and many major national digital and printed media who support the development of the digital sector in Bulgaria are also partners of the forum since 2019. 

Local municipal authorities and mayors also recognized and supported the events and joined the ever-growing number of people and organizations who believe in the digital transformation and see the great potential of the Digital4 Bulgaria.  The people behind the idea of Digital4 Bulgaria are the major force for its success due to their belief in the lifechanging power of digitalization and the limitless opportunities created through active networking, meetings, and opportunities for exchange of knowledge and experience between professionals in the sector.  That`s what makes Digital4 Bulgaria the major and biggest national event quite different from all others much similar but smaller initiatives. 

The same year we welcomed the 4th biggest city in Bulgaria also in our family under the name Digital4 Burgas


The year of 2020 was a great challenge for the event industry on global scale and yet Digital4 Burgas took place as the first event in our calendar and went with remarkable success that made us all very proud. 

Digital4 Plovdiv: The Annual Online Marketing and eCommerce Forum in Bulgaria – didn`t fall behind and took place right in between the two big national lockdowns and once again proved to be the flagship digital forum in Bulgaria welcoming 380 participants and presented its most sophisticated and most interesting program.  All safety anti-Covid19 measures were well in place in accordance with the instructions given by the Bulgarian health authorities.  On the first evening of the forum, we hosted the 2nd edition of the “Digital Star” contes.

Our representative received the award in the “Site with a cause” award from the project “Website of the year”.  Digital4 Bulgaria project also win a award in the category “Project with an educational focus in the field of business” at the sixth consecutive annual awards of the B2B Media.

Our Affiliate Event Calendar 2021:  Digital4Sofia; Digital4Burgas; Digital4Varna; Bulgarian Digital Week; Digital4Plovdiv;  Digital4StaraZagora; Digital4Ruse


Every year numerous international and local companies are pro-actively presented and participate as sponsors and partners of the Digital4 Bulgaria.  Companies willing to invest in the development of digital sector and be among the leading brands in the digital transformation of the Bulgarian business.

In 2021 we are ready to welcome 3 more regional representatives and we are going to present all in total 6 live attending Digital4 events with various topics included as mainstream program. The calendar for 2021 will included the following Digital4 cities:  Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Stara Zagora, Burgas and Russe. In addition, Bulgarian Digital Week 2021 will be the biggest event for the year and this year will feature 15 live streamed conferences in the frame of one whole week at the beginning of June. 

We won`t miss to present the 3rd contest for best young digital marketing professional in Bulgaria “Digital Stars”.  Our team has rapidly grown through a big number of volunteers on national and local level who are willing to part of the exciting events under the Digital4 brand.



Digital4 Bulgaria

Digital4 Bulgaria has established itself as a society of experts, entrepreneurs and fellow enthusiasts looking to share experience, knowledge and be in the front raw of the Bulgaria`s digital transformation. People sharing common professional interest for knowledge, business, and success. 

All Digital4 events are embracing a very practical approach the way information is presented to the hundreds of participants and each year we strive to invite and secure presence of the most recognized and demanded Bulgarian and international experts.  Digital 4 quickly became the ultimate “must attend” event in our industry and we are looking to live up to the high ambitions set by the results we already achieved.  The 6 Digital4 events in Bulgaria`s biggest regional cities and the flagship Bulgarian Digital Week forum will make it the most accessible and best attended B2B platform for the digital industry. 

 Digital4 are the events you shall not miss out and we will look forward to hosting you in person or virtually.

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